Buying a Tablet Online

Tablet PC's such as iPads are great for browsing the internet, playing games and streaming videos and over the past 5 years have become a "must have" in many households. When purchasing a new one you might want to consider buying the iPad second hand, or renting it on a weekly payment basis. Alternatively, you could also buy the tablet on finance using a credit option such as pay monthly or buy now pay later.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Tablet PC

If you're looking for a new tablet, there are a heap of ways you can save cash. Here are just some of them:

+ Use a discount code: Promotion codes save you money. Enter one of these when you're paying for your item and you could get money off the total amount of your order, or two products for the price of one or free delivery.

+ Wait for the sales: Some tablets, including those manufactured by big brands like Apple and Sony, are reduced at certain times of the year. You might want to wait for Cyber Monday, when many electronics are reduced, or the period after Christmas and New Year. You never know, you could bag a huge bargain!

+ Sign up to social media: You'll find the latest deals and promotions if you sign up to your favourite electronics brands on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. This is where you'll find discount codes and the latest industry news.

Tablets on Finance

We all want one, and many of us need one in this ever moving world. But, with the high price tag on iPads and the latest Samsung or Android tablets, prices can sometimes force individuals to buy something that is less than desirable. Financing is an option for those that don't like to save.

Some benefits of financing are: pay the price off over time, choose high priced options since you do not have to pay the full purchase price up front, low interest and zero interest intro periods with certain stores, and the option to buy the best, since you aren't limited to the purchase price.

There are some drawbacks to consider as well. Some cons include: interest rates (if intro period expires or payment is missed), borrowing limits (based on credit score), the fact that it can have an adverse effect on credit, if payments are late or missed.

If you are shopping for a tablet, consider the option to finance. But, also note the pros and cons, to ensure it is the right option for you as a consumer.

Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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Second Hand Tablets

Tablets let you communicate with friends and family, watch videos, play games and browse the Internet. Buying a second-hand tablet saves you a great deal of cash and you could take home a model that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Pros: With second-hand tablets, you get access to a wider range of models, including tablets that would normally come with a premium price tag. You can choose from big name brands and the latest models such as iPads and Galaxy Tablets. Whether you're looking for a tablet for work, home or school, you'll be able to find a product that best suits you.

Cons: Used tablets and iPads might have exterior imperfections, such as scratches or bumps on the screen, or interior problems that might slow down your tablet. Remember to do your research and find a tablet that provides you with good value for money. Sellers should have high-quality photos of the item so you can check for wear and tear before you make a purchase.

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Renting a Tablet PC

Tablet computers are one of the most popular ways to surf the internet and access information. This is because they are much more convenient and easier to use than a conventional desktop or laptop computer. Some tablets can be expensive, which is why it might be worth considering buying tablets on rent to own deals. This guide will look at the pros & cons of rent-to-own tablets so you can make an informed decision.


- Normally cheaper than getting a tablet as part of a finance contract.

- Ideal if you plan to use at home on home wireless internet.

- Get a brand new tablet without needing to wait to save up for it.

- Makes budgeting easy - Know exactly how much the tablet will cost you each week or month.


- May end up costing you more - Be sure to check interest rates first.

As well as rental deals, there are other types of finance available. Some are even interest-free which makes it possible to spread the cost of a new tablet computer out over several months. These are available from many stores, including Argos and PC World. Be sure to check these out as they might offer a better deal than renting a tablet.

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