Buying a Mobile Phone Online

Mobile phones are an essential for everyone these days and there are normally two options to choose from when purchasing one; buy the phone outright and get a sim-only contract, or get a mobile phone contract where you pay for both the phone and the tariff each month. When buying a phone upfront it's very costly, especially for a top of the range phone like the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7. With this in mind you might choose to buy a mobile phone on finance using a buy now pay later, pay weekly or pay monthly payment plan. Other options include renting a mobile phone by paying in weekly installments until you've paid off the total amount, or you could look at buying a used phone from online second hand sites like Ebay, Preloved and Secondwow.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Mobile Phone

If you are buying a new mobile phone, there are many things to consider. For starters, do you want an iPhone or Android OS? Do you want the latest model, largest screen, best resolution, or simply the cheapest prices out there? What OS system and speeds do you need? Of course how much can you spend. And, if you are ready to buy, is it the right time (or should you wait it out for a promo date or special saving which is just around the corner)?

Making sure you consider design, quality, camera, features, storage space, and use (so you can find the fast speeds if required), will help point you in the right direction when buying a phone. And, if you know when and how to shop (price comparison and waiting for specials/promos), you can find the right phone, for the lowest price possible.

Mobile Phones on Finance

Buying a mobile phone on finance lets you pay for your item in instalments, which could provide you with a number of benefits. Here are some of the pros and cons that you need to check out.

Pros: When you buy a mobile phone on finance, you can spread the cost of your purchase and make instalments every week, month or quarter. This could help you budget more effectively.

Cons: You might be charged interest on your purchase, though this will depend on the company. If you need to pay interest, you could end up spending more on the phone than if you were to purchase it in one go. Some companies won't charge you any interest at all if you pay for the item within a certain time period, for example, one or three months.

Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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Second Hand Mobile Phones

If you're looking for a new mobile phone, have you considered purchasing a second-hand model? These handsets come with both pros and cons, so read this before you make a purchase.

Pros: It goes without saying that second-hand phones are cheaper than brand new handsets. If you buy a pre-owned phone, you could get an expensive model at a much cheaper price. There are loads of used mobile phones on the market, including models from all the biggest brands like Apple and Samsung. Most of these come "unlocked," meaning you can place a SIM card of your choice in the handset.

Cons: Second-hand phones have been used by other people, so could come with slight scratches, imperfections and general wear and tear. Remember to study photos of the item before you part with your cash and ask the seller if the phone is in a good working order. Refurbished phones might not come with the original accessories that were provided with the item, too, such as the original headphones.

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Renting a Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have always been expensive, and the latest smart phones can cost a small fortune. The way most people get their new phone is to get it on contract. This normally means that the phone is "free", however, you are tied into a hefty contract for a two-year period. It might be better to buy a mobile phone on a rent-to-own plan. This guide will look at the benefits and disadvantages of such a plan.


- Can be cheaper to buy with a rent-to-own plan rather buying a phone on credit.

- Spread the cost of a new smart phone out.

- Phone will be unlocked, you can choose any network to use.


- You don't own the phone until you finish paying it off.

- You will have to pay separately for the sim-card.

As well as rent-to-own you could also consider buying on finance which is available from stores such as Currys, Argos and Littlewoods Direct.

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