Buying a Games Console Online

New games consoles are seriously expensive but when you consider how much use they'll get, they're often good value for money. However, their high price tag still makes them difficult to afford, as such you might be considering buying a PS4 or Xbox One on finance. There are numerous credit plans available such as buy now pay later, pay monthly and pay weekly. You could even rent an Xbox One or PS4 from a rent to own store. Alternatively, buying a new Xbox or PS4 second hand or refurbished is likely to be the cheapest option.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Games Console

If you are shopping for a gaming system, which one do you buy? PS4 or the latest Xbox System? Sony or Microsoft? In addition to the brand and reputation, there are some other factors to consider. Among these are:

- When to shop. Discounts during Black Friday, holiday weekends, or closeouts, will result in cheaper Xbox One and PS4 deals.

- Waiting for promos or bundles. If you are going to buy a system and games, look for bundle packages to save.

- What games are available? Depending on the type of gaming you enjoy, some systems are more geared towards certain games than others.

Also consider upgrades, new system releases, prices of games, and overall quality. Further, the additional features (USB, connection options, streaming TV, video streaming, etc), are some things to consider when buying a gaming system. When you know when and where to shop, and what features the right system offers, the final purchase decision will be far easier.

Consoles on Finance

Looking to buy a games console on finance? Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

Pros: Whether it's a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you could spread the cost of your games console and make monthly or weekly repayments in small chunks, which could suit your budget. You'll also have your console delivered directly to your door, perfect if you live far away from your nearest high street. Many companies offer games bundles too, so you might be able to get a new game or accessory if you pay a little extra.

Cons: When buying an Xbox One or PS4 on finance, do your research. Companies might charge you interest on your purchase as you pay in instalments, so you'll end up paying more than if you bought the item upfront. You might also need to pay for delivery, though this depends on the company. Look for the cheapest finance deals by finding out the total amount you'll end up paying. If you have bad credit or no credit history you may find it difficult to get accepted and you're credit rating could be harmed if you're refused.

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Second Hand Consoles

Yes, the prices are cheaper. You can typically find game bundles, controllers, and other packages when you buy used items. Further, many catalogues are more willing to negotiate with you as a second-hand buyer. With these pros also come certain drawbacks you have to consider when looking for games console on sale.

In addition to those pros, and great discounted prices, when you buy second hand, there are a few cons. For starters, it has been used. You are not the first owner. In many cases, even if there is little use to the system, it is greatly depreciated due to the fact that there was a different owner. If you are buying from a personal seller, they aren't going to warrant the system either. So if something goes wrong, you basically lose your money.

You do find great deals and lower prices when you buy second hand. But, make sure you consider those drawbacks as a buyer as well, so you can determine if this is the right route to go when buying a gaming system.

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Renting a Console

A brand new games console can be a very expensive investment, that's why many people are considering the rent-to-own option of purchase. This makes it much easier to buy a console without saving up for it. This guide will quickly overview the pros & cons of buying a games console on a rent-to-own plan.


- Buy immediately without saving up.

- Easier on your finances - know exactly how much the console will cost you each month without putting strain on your finances.

- Normally no deposit required - check the actual deals available.

- Some interest-free options available.


- You may pay more - be careful to look at interest rates.

- Once you have paid off the console it might be obsolete.

- May be difficult to get accepted if you have a poor credit history.

As well as buying a games console on a rent-to-own plan, you might want to consider buying on interest-free credit. Many stores including Game, Argos, and Currys all offer their own finance deals. The Argos card for example, can be used to spread the cost of a new games console out over 12 months to make it easier to afford.

Any credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

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